Absolute Position Sensor
for Industrial Application


By integrating a highly engineered position feedback sensor into a Hydraulic, Pneumatic or Electro-mechanical cylinder, for both the Mobile and Industrial Marketplace.

This design eliminates the time and cost associated with the gun drilling, as well as unprotected external sensors with complex linkages. Cylinder feedback installation is virtually plug-and-play.

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Parker Intellinder Technology improves Control Systems
in Team Oracle USA Racing Boats

How It Works

The sensor scans the pattern on the cylinder rod. Positional values and system health conditions are reported on a serial bus. This CAN bus (Controller Area Network) allows for multiple cylinders with Intellinder to be networked together over a single cable providing precise position and system health information.

Mobile applications: Intellinder is a direct connect to Parker IQAN, (J1933 CAN), analog outputs, 0.5 to 4.5 voltage is available with an AOM (Analog Output Module).

Industrial applications: Intellinder offers multiple voltage and current outputs, with 0-10V and 4-20 mA standard for connection to common controllers.

Combining of a unique barcode pattern
laser-etched on a cylinder rod and a universal optical reader.


Industrial Markets